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Survey on curbside trash

The Phoenix Public Works Department dropped off surveys for some neighbors about relocating trash from the alley to curbside. The city offers the ability to change from the big trash cans in the alleys to personal ones at neighbors' homes, free of charge. If the survey indicates enough interest, the city will give each house a new green trash can, the same size as the blue recycle ones we have now.

The survey was sent to homes that back up to the alley between 4th and 3rd Avenues and 4th and Monterosa (see the NextDoor post for the map and survey).

Please complete your survey and return it by Aug. 5: 51% of neighbors need to respond, and 51% of respondents must be in favor for trash to be relocated.

Removing the barrel trash cans from the alleys could help cut down on illegal dumping and people in the alleys looking for things in the trash cans. City representatives said they have seen a decrease in reported issues in alleys that have made this change.

The board is working with the city to see if we can extend the survey to all homes in our neighborhood that back up to alleys and do not already have curbside trash pick-up. Each group of houses connected to an alley would make their own choice.

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