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Prepare for Upcoming Zoning Hearings on Central & Glenrosa

Updated: May 25

The dates for the re-zoning hearing for the Central & Glenrosa development proposal have been announced. The Carnation Association of Neighbors will be meeting Thursday, May 25th at 6:30pm at Short Leash Hotdog to plan how we will present the neighborhoods perspective on this project, and your help is needed so please join us. We will need as many residents as possible to show up and speak at these upcoming meetings. The goal of Thursdays meeting is to organize groups to speak on behalf of very specific topics important to CAN at the June 5th Encanto Village Planning Committee's hearing.

Agenda for Short Leash Meeting:

Petree Properties is requesting to rezone 15.5 acres of property bordered by Central Avenue, Turney, Glenrosa, and 2nd Avenue. This meeting is to plan and organize our neighborhood response to be presented at the next Encanto Village Planning Committee, based on over a year of meeting with the developers to help shape the plan. This meeting will occur on June 5th at 6:00pm, Phoenix College Conference Room, 3310 N. 10th Avenue.

  1. Review the Encanto Village Planning Committee meeting process.

  2. Resources to learn about Uptown Transit Oriented Development

  3. Reinvent Phoenix Uptown TOD Policy Plan

  4. Encanto Village Character Plan

  5. Phoenix Zoning Chapter 13 - Urban Walkable Code

  6. Phoenix Streets Planning and Design Policies

  7. Main Areas of Objection - Groups to Present

  8. Lack of / Not Enough of a Commercial Component

  9. Traffic Flow Problems Created by A Development of This Size

  10. Negative Impact on Neighborhood Character

  11. Does Not Comply with the Vision Set Out by Reinvent Phoenix

  12. Meeting Adjourn (7:30)

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