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An alley-light solution – finally

The neighborhood has purchased solar alley lights in an effort to better illuminate our dark alleyways and decrease our reliance on APS.

We’ve been going round and round with APS for months trying to figure out how to get the alley lights turned back on. Neighborhoods are required to pay for them; the city does not cover the bill directly though it does offer some money via grants.

When the previous association disbanded several years ago, a $5,840.86 balance remained with APS. The new association was either on the hook for that or had to start a new 10-year APS contract. Given the grant funds aren’t guaranteed and we only had $3,000 from this year’s grant, neither were good options.

So we decided to use our Neighborhood Block Watch Grant funds to buy solar LED floodlights instead. We purchased 26 Wagen Tech Solar + LED 1000 Lumen Floodlights with Remote Control. We still need to buy mounting hardware, which we plan to do with 2020 grant funds.

The association will work with neighbors to mount them on alley fences throughout the neighborhood, and if the program goes well, we’ll purchase and distribute more each year we have grant money to do so until the alleys are sufficiently lit.

We’re still working through logistics; there will likely be a neighbor application process to make sure lights are evenly distributed on properties throughout the neighborhood. If you’re interested in mounting one of the lights on your alley fence, sign up for our neighborhood newsletter or call association president Tamiko Garmen, 602-550-5202, and we’ll be sure you get updates (planning for mid-November).

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