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3rd Avenue bike lane improvements

Did you know our neighborhood is home to part of the Phoenix Sonoran Bikeway on 3rd Avenue?

If not, you’re not the only one. And if so, you may be wondering why we don’t have continuous bike lanes along the bikeway. Our neighborhood is working to change that as the current 3rd Avenue bike path is incomplete and dangerous in many areas, especially near Indian School.

Association Vice President Ed Hermes is leading the charge to improve the 3rd Avenue bike lanes in Carnation and beyond. The association has been in contact with the Phoenix Streets Department, Councilwoman Laura Pastor’s office and adjacent neighborhoods to gain support.

The main goals: To have a great buffered, continuous bike lane and to cut down on cut-through traffic in our neighborhood.

Here are the Streets Department’s plans:

3rd Ave - Osborn to Indian School
Download PDF • 1.10MB
3rd Ave - Indian School to Camelback
Download PDF • 698KB

And the association’s suggested improvements (so far):

July 6 email to Streets Department
Download PDF • 97KB

Though the City is helping to put together a great plan to improve 3rd Avenue, the reality is that there is not yet funding allocated in the city budget to execute the plan. We need your help in the coming months to advocate to Councilwoman Pastor to include funding in the budget to improve 3rd Avenue.

COMING SOON: A letter of support you can print or email.

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